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Competitive Business Consulting

Determine your most appropriate competitive
strategy to become the survival of the fittest

Understand your company’s stage of development, your company’s place
among competitors, and the trajectory of industry growth. Meikao will
provide a complete company strategy and development plan and specific
execution steps to win the competitive environment.

Strategic Brand Consulting

Align your brand genetics with your marketing
strategy and execution to build a strong and
sustainable business in the competitive ecosystem

Just as animals struggle to compete in the wild, companies struggle to survive
is the business environment. “Meikao Branding Ecosystem” is the cornerstone
of Meikao’s strategic branding philosophy.

A healthy brand in the ecosystem find its place in the most appropriate macro
environment, competitive environment, consumer environment, political
environment, supply chain environment, etc…

The Meikao Branding Ecosystem offers specific steps and tools. Through your
brand’s genetic make-up, Meikao can help you create a strong and lasting brand
in regards to brand positioning, brand core value, brand characteristic, brand
structure, brand language, brand movement, and brand continuity.

Product Innovation System

The time for product innovation is here.

Meikao’s proprietary Product Innovation System’s product management steps can help companies realize the real power of new product innovation.

The competitiveness of the Chinese business ecosystem challenges companies to put a premium on product innovation. It is clear that Chinese consumers are continually going up-market, pursuing more lifestyle products, while being more wary of perceived unsafe and pedestrian products. Chinese consumers are more vocal and more proactive in searching for better products, leading brands to focus more on the innate value of products to attract more consumers.

The product is the medium between the brand and the consumer. A successful product transcends positioning, advertising, and channel. A product is also a reflection the company’s strategic development and must adapt to the changing market environment. Meikao believes this is the time where product innovation takes precedence over positioning, advertising and channel.