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Ecology Determines Survival
All human systems can learn from nature to discover answers and success

There are 30 million species of life-forms – distributed over spaces 12 kilometers above the surface of the Earth down to the abyss of ocean floors; there is competition in everything, ranging from the basic necessities of life to government organizations. Every known sector or field is crowded with competitors. Only the fittest and those that adapt will survive. Those that do not adapt face death and extinction. Living things offer us some rules of survival: first, to fight for life-supporting resources is paramount; second is the opportunity to procreate. These rules inspire competition of today. We would rather learn from the biologists than from the economists.

Biological Ecology – Natural Selection

- Ecological competition will leave just the fittest organisms
- There are no two biological organisms the same, every organism finds its most appropriate place
- The longest surviving organisms are those that best adapt to the environment

Business Ecology – Market Selection

- Business competition only leaves the best adapted companies and brands
- There are no two brands alike, every brand finds its most appropriate positioning
- The longest surviving brands are those that most advantageously find its place the business environment

How to Survive and Flourish?