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Facing fierce competition from other
national diary companies Mengniu and
Yili, Meikao worked with Guangming
(one of top 3 national dairy compa-
nies) to establish 3 #1 nationally rec-
ognized yogurt brands

Meikao’s client since 2004


Product innovation

Push China’s first room-temperature yogurt successfully
onto market

Record breaking sales on true product innovation, to sales
of RMB6 billion in 2014 from RMB130 million in 2009

Product value exploration: Core brand value

Meikao set out to establish core brand value to raise Momchilovtsi’s
market positioning. Meikao utilized Nobel laureate Élie Metchnikoff’s
discovery of the Momchilovtsi longevity village yogurt as core brand
story. Our brand value system focuses on enhancing brand name,
packaging system, marketing plan, point-of-sales plan to comprehen-
sively increase market adoption and improve sales. Since product
inception, Momchilovtsi has maintain its #1 position in the room-tem-
perature yogurt product category and successfully pulled away from
all other competitors.

Sustained growth to category leadership

After suddenly losing its joint-venture partner and fresh yogurt brand,
Guangming desperately needed a replacement product. Meikao worked with
Guangming to develop the Changyou brand to re-take the market. In
less than 8 years, Changyou annual sales reached RMB1 billion to
become #1 in the product category and overtake its former yogurt

Product Innovation and Comprehensive
Market Entry Strategy

Inception (2007):
Rush to market to compete with former brand

Taking category leadership (2008 to 2011):
Strengthen marketing to raise product awareness and be-
coming #1 in product category

Continued leadership (2012 to today):
Going head-to-head with all other domestic and international brands to
cement leadership position

Functional yogurt category leadership
for 10 straight years

Established Chinese Functional yogurt category
Created Children Jianneng and Jianneng 50+ brands
Sales increased to RMB780 million in 2014 from RMB120 million in 2006

Brand core values of “Protection and
Family” to strengthen and cement

Unparalleled brand loyalty

48% of customers have kept with same brand for 3 straight years

75% of customers buy every week

From small regional brand to national
brand with the highest return on assets.

Manufacturing output maintained an average 24% CAGR
over the past 25 years.

Branding strategy and comprehensive
marketing strategy

First stage (1989 to 2000):
Competition with local and regional brands, becoming the #1 beer in
Guangxi Province

Second stage (2001 to 2005):
Taking on large national brands such as Tsingtao Beer with a targeted dif-
ferentiation campaign

Third stage (2006 to Today):
Establishing barriers to entry to cement brand leadership among domestic
and foreign competitors

Meikao client since 1989

Brand Value Innovation
From small regional brand to national brand
In 4 years sale grew by RMB1.5 billion

Brand Strategy and Comprehensive
Market Entry Strategy

Created “Eastern Neoclassical” brand concept to imprint into
consumer psyche

Develop complete brand image to differentiate from existing competitors

Meikao’s client since 2009

Brand Value Innovation
Product Structure Innovation

Harbin Beer asked Meikao to help enhance
brand value before its historic sale to Bud-

Meikao’s strategy:

  1. Established “China’s Inaugural Beer” brand concept
  2. Utilized Harbin’s geographical uniqueness to create “Ice Ecology”
    for brand differentiate
  3. Clarified product structure for more effective competition
  4. Consolidated manufacturing capabilities for more streamlined operations

Meikao’s client since 2002

Using Meikao’s positioning methodology,
created China’s #1 functional tea brand,
influencing the entire tea industry

Discovered the most appropriate branding positioning – “Eastern
Functional Teas” – to encompass traditional Chinese medicine, aes-
thetic studies, philosophical traditions and other classical Chinese
cultural aspects to capture the gestalt of Eastern health understand-
ings of Chinese consumers

Branding strategy and comprehensive
marketing strategy

Brand strategy:
Established leadership position in “Eastern Functional Teas”
Kicked open the product category to establish confidence in “Eastern Func-
tional Teas” and continued brand value creation

Improved brand image:
Injected vitality into a strong traditional brand

Meikao’s client since 2013

First ever “Chinese Medicine Western Pharma” product
image – Chinese medicine sold Western style – complete
with Western style marketing, packaging, and retail plat-
form, enabling the brand to go from a single factory to an
international public company, from just a formula to a top
traditional Chinese medicine brand with billions in annual

Branding strategy and comprehensive
marketing strategy

Company strategic development:
Helped client strategically created completely new product category – Chi-
nese Medicine Western Pharma

Brand establishment:
Over the course of a decade, went from no brand recognition to overseas
publicly listed company

Product innovation:
Product rollout plan, from retail network to hospital system

Meikao’s client since 1990

Creative business perspective

“Classic Brand” strategy successfully brought our client’s brand perception
up several notches. Focusing on brand essence which encompassed aesthetics
and spirituality to allow our client to increase its product price from RMB20
a pack to RMB80 a pack

Sales increased 100 fold in 6 years

Created a star product to enhance brand value. Deftly took advan-
tage of the historical conjure of “Mount Tai” to enhance brand es-
sence by using the Confucian spirit to fashion the “Chinese style to-
bacco” brand position, greatly increasing brand value

Meikao’s client since 2008

Brand value creation lead to indus-
try-wide record-breaking sales

Developed the concept of “Aircraft Tire Manufacturer” to become

  1. China’s largest tire manufacturer
  2. #1 tire manufacturer in compound annual growth rate
  3. First Chinese company to sponsor Formula One
  4. First Chinese tire company to reach RMB10 billion in sales

6-year cooperation with Meikao to
become the China’s #1 tire manu-

4 straight years of record breaking sales from 2001 to
2004 for the Chinese tire industry

Brand strategy system
long-term strategic development plan

Business opportunity insights
discovered crucial conceptual opening to quickly capture market share

Brand image structuring
took an unfamiliar foreign brand to become a leading international brand in

Brand differentiation strategy
successful marketing effort to create lasting influence

Meikao’s client since 2001

Through 15 years of cooperation, Hi-
sense went from a small regional brand
to became a leading electronics brand
in China

Since working with Meikao, Hisense went through the 6 fastest years
of growth in its history. Having a structured brand value system,
Meikao helped to established the “New Life Creation” brand concept
to emanate a successful brand image to Chinese consumers

Long-term strategic plan for Hisense

Brand genetic enhancement (1999-2000):
Lay the foundation for brand development

Solidifying the legend (2001-2004):
Improve brand value to enhance confidence in consumers and in capital

Leading the marketplace (2005-2013)
Realization of becoming a renowned international brand

Meikao’s client since 1999